Engage with Developers, Contractors and Investors using Powerful Videos

Video strategies for marketing your building & construction services.

How can I use Video to Market my Building & Construction company?

With plenty of competition it is important to showcase what differentiates your construction products & services from others, video is a great way to do this. 

Showcase Projects

A key for marketing your construction products and services is attracting clients by allowing them view past portfolio of work.

Increase Authority

Use video to showcase your knowlege & expertise growing your public image and build authority amongst the industry .

Celebrate Customers

Word of mouth is the best ways to grow your business. Showcasing customer experiences works like a video referral for your business.

Building & Construction Video Services

Here’s a few videos that we commonly work with building & construction companies to produce.

Introduce your Company

Provide a quick introducion to your products, services, staff and facilities to show what differntiates you from competitors.

Showcase Past Projects

Use videos that showcase your past projects to attract attention and engage with potential new clients.

Client Testimonies

Reputation is everything in the building & construction industry, if you have a good one why not spread it using video.

Our Work for Building & Construction companies...

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Company Intro

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Project Overview

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Internal Program Overview

Building & Construction FAQ's

We have packages starting as low as $599. For many developers, we often organise filming sessions where we can produce multiple pieces giving them a bank of videos for the coming months. 

Our standard turnaround time is within 2 weeks. If this video is urgent, we can speed things up with our priority turnaround.

Yes we offer drone services aswell as animation tracking. This is perfect for showcasing the next stages in your development.

Put us to the test...

Want to take your Building & Contrcution digital marketing to the next level using video?

We understand that having trust with your agency is essential. We’ll let you ask all the questions you want and even give you some ideas for video marketing. So let’s get started on growing your Building & Contrcution company with a quick 30 minute call!