Melton City Council – Community Arts Program

Written by Lachlan Hall

Melton Community Arts Program Video

Company Background

The City of Melton is a local government area West of Melbourne consistsing of 31 suburbs. The City has experienced rapid population growth over recent years. This is expected to continue with plenty of new development happening in the area. 

Overview of Project

The Melton Community arts propram includes regularly changing activities and workshops that provide opportunities for all ages to be immersed in making and appreciating art, in all its forms.

In collaboration with the Economic Development team they set out to transform Melton South shopping precinct by revamping the apperance with painted murals. 

Project Goals

The goals for Melton using video was to:

  • Showcase council projects.
  • Engage businesses and residents to participate in future projects. 


To showcase this project, we captured interviews with each of the key organisers, voulenteers and business owners.

Filming was conducted whilst the murals were being painted and at the launch event in order to capture the reactions of business owners. 

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