Gaia Property – Queens Court Townhomes Promotion Video

Written by Lachlan Hall

Gaia Property – Queens Court Townhomes Promotion Video

Company Background

Based in Melbourne, Gaia Property brings the most comprehensive one-stop service experience to investors from buying to leasing to selling. As a multidisciplinary organization, Gaia Corporation has many service lines, including Property Investment, Property Management, Property Development, Business and Investment Migration, and Education Consultancy.

Overview of Project

Gaia Property were looking to promote their upcoming development in Werribee. With COVID-19 restricting the efforts of the sales team, they looked to create an online campaign to drive enquiries for the property.

Although the property was not yet built, Gaia had a range of mock designs and floor plans. They also wanted to showcase the local area with a tonne of activities and amenities around.

The aim was to produce a long video that showcased the property in full, whilst also having a shorter edit that could be used for Facebook advertising.

Project Goals

The goals for Gaia using video was to:

  • Increase awareness of the Queens court townhomes.
  • Drive enquiries for the sales team. 
  • Engage website visitors.


We assisted Gaia in developing the script for the Queen’s court townhomes. This was then produced into a voiceover which led the visuals for the video.

The design mocks and floor plans were used to showcase the home as it was not yet built. We also captured aerial and street footage of the local signs and amenities. 

This video was hosted on the Queens Court website with a shorter edit being used for Facebook advertising. Text titles were also used in the short edit to assist with engagement as many watch videos with sound off on social media. 

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