RMIT Activator – E-Week Overview SIY Video

Written by Lachlan Hall

RMIT Event Overview Video

Company Background

RMIT Activator helps current students, staff and researchers grow successful start-up ventures.  Each year the RMIT Activator hosts an Entrepreneur week and with COVID-19 restrictions the 2020 E-week was taken online. 

Overview of Project

The team from RMIT Activator wanted to create a highlight video that showcased the activities throughout Entrepreneur week. This included a kick-off event, virtual classroom activity, Hackathon event and Pitch event all hosted online.

Project Goals

The goals for RMIT creating this video was to:

  • Showcase various activities throughout E-week.
  • Drive interest in RMIT Activator program.


The team from the RMIT Activator used our Pixel Pros Portal to brief and upload the content.
After supplying footage from each online event, our editors collaborated with the Activator team to bring together the best moments to create this overview video of the event.

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