Wyndham City Council – Economic Development Department

Written by Lachlan Hall

Wyndham Council Video Production

Organisation Background

Wyndham City’s Economic Growth Department is committed to assisting in the development of a vibrant and sustainable local economy. They offer a range of services and support for small, home-based, medium or large businesses and investors throughout Wyndham.

Overview of Collaboration

Wyndham City Council’s Economic Development unit engages with a number of local stakeholders including businesses, residents and niche groups. With video being a key method to reach and engagement, the Economic development team has collaborated with our team since 2015 to produce on going videos for a series of their initiatives including business events, community events, capital works, local tourism and efforts involving local arts and culture.

Collaboration Goals

The goals for Wyndham using video is to:

  • Encourage residents to visit local businesses.
  • Drive attendance to council events.
  • Generate awareness for council programs. 

Outcome Of Collaboration

We work alongside the team at Wyndham to develop filming schedules that include visiting local businesses, attending key sections of events and programs.

Filming is generally completed on a single day and edits delivered as soon as 3 business days. This allowed Wyndham to distribute the video to the community and begin driving action immediately.

Wyndham has promoted these videos across their Website, Facebook and email channels showcasing the versatility of this content.

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