2022 Video Marketing Trends

Written by Lachlan Hall

Video Marketing Trends 2022

With video sitting as one of the most in-demand and engaging forms of content. It is no wonder why the number of businesses using video for marketing continues to grow.

For those using video, it is important to stay on top of video trends that have potential to increase the returns of their efforts. 

In this article, we cover a few of the top video trends for 2022…

Short-Form Video Content

Heading into 2022 short-form video content will continue to thrive. 

The launch and uptake of Instagram Reels and continuous growth of TikTok shows this. And this isn’t about to stop as each company continues to develop new features for users creating short-form video content. 

To be successful with your video marketing efforts in 2022, you should be looking to make short, fun and engaging videos for these platforms. 

Video by Tik Tok for Business

User-Generated Content

User-generated content has been popular for some time now. But as they say, “if it ain’t broke, dont fix it” and for many brands this strategy will continue to stay around.

Consider videos you have watched from commercials to those on TikTok, even if it isn’t exactly user generated content, it will be trying to look like it. 

Video by Social Media Examiner

Live Video

Live video (live streams) has grown in importance over the post year. This is mostly due to covid lockdowns limiting events and in-person interactions. 

Live video has presented itself as the perfect way to maintain this contact with customers and provide experiences. 

Live streaming once known primarily for gamers is now being used by many influencers, music artists and brands. Turning more eyes towards live videos as great source of entertainment.

Video by Hubspot


Vlogs are a great way for a brand to tell its story over time and create meaningful connections with customers. By sharing tips, news or experiences over time your customers will have a better understanding of exactly who you are.

With a majority of vlog content being published by individual creators. It’s time for brands to get on this trend and begin showcasing the people within your organisation. 

Video by Pond5

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